I have a strong passion for all things automotive and a certain sweet spot for classic American hot rods! I recall building models and drawing cars were my favorite pastimes as a youngster, so I guess it was inevitable that it would grow into a carreer. It took a while, though, drawing hot rods was pretty much still a hobby until my future wife, Pam, nudged me towards going to college to really pursue it, so in early 1996 I enrolled in the Industrial design program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The AIFL is a fairly small school, but was not short on talented and professional instructors from which I learned a great deal about design.

I graduated in 1999 with a bachelors degree in industrial design and set out to land a sweet design job and design the next great widget. I had hoped to find something really exciting and when a design job posting opened up for Sea Ray Boats I decided to give it a shot. I was hired on and worked in their design department from 1999 to 2003. The design team was fairly small so we all got to get our hands dirty in all aspects of the boat’s design. In my four years I was responsible for anything from conceptualizing new exterior styling to interior layouts to graphics. Some of it was fun and some of it was tedious, but it was all very challenging and I learned quite a bit about the industry. My real passion was for cars and the boat industry was not holding my interest, I was working on hot rod projects in the evenings so in 2003 I decided to take a risk and resign from Sea Ray and focus on hot rods and customs, I set up a small in-home studio and went to work.

In my career I’ve had the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects for some great clients. I had the privilege of working with the legendary Boyd Coddington providing him many designs from 2003 on, including many cars that were built on his Discovery Channel program "AMERICAN HOT ROD" Another incredible opportunity I had was to work with Johnson's Hot Rod Shop on the design and presentation of the 2009 Ridler winner "Deucenberg". I am also proud to have assisted in the design of the 2009 "street machine of the year" a 1962 Corvette roadster built by the Roadster Shop.

Listed here are some of my accomplishments

-Client- Boyd Coddington, vehicle-ALUMATUB all aluminum model A tub
-Client- Boyd Coddington, vehicle, French Connection- hand built hot rod based on a 1939 Delahaye
-Client-Johnson's Hot Rod Shop, vehicle- DEUCENBERG coach built hot rod 1932 Ford B400 winner of the 2009 Ridler award
-Client- Roadster Shop- vehicle- 1962 Corvette hot rod-winner of the 2009 street machine of the year
-Client-Popular Hot Rodding Magazine- vehicle- 1966 Mustang feature build
-Client-Super Chevy Magazine- vehicle- 1957 Chevy convertible (2007), 1969 Camaro (2008), 1970 Chevelle (2009), projects built and auctioned with proceeds going to Armed Forces Foundation
-Client- American Racing, vehicle-hot rod art for T shirts and posters
-Client- Bobby Alloway- vehicle- various hot rod projects
-Client- Harbor Auto restoration, vehicle-1932 roadster
-Client- Street Rodder Magazine, vehicle-2007 road tour 1932 Ford coupe

I enjoy the sometimes crazy ideas clients approach me with as well as the rare opportunity to simply draw for the fun of it and see what comes out.
I look forward to many more projects and the challenges that come with them.

Eric Brockmeyer

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